Galley Up, Galley Down

When it comes to designing a catamaran, we have the choice of having the kitchen installed in one of the hulls or up on the main deck. For catamarans under 40 feet, the question regardings whether to have the galley up or down has become a debate since many raise discussion over the catamaran layout.

On large multiyachts, the preference is dictated either by the need for privacy between crew and guests, or on the contrary by the conviviality provided by a galley in the saloon. It’s 50/50 between these two options. In the 40-to-60-foot sector, 99% of galleys are “up”. However, for cats under 40 feet, there is a debate – the choice can be a difficult one because the smaller volumes raise real questions about the layout possibilities.

– Norbert Conchin, Multihulls World

With more than 250 catamarans produced and countless hours have been taken in designing one, we lean towards having the the galley in one of the hulls instead of that in the main deck. This has been featured in most of our models, including Seawind 1190 and 1260. Having the galley down brings out the “perfect balance between comfort and practicality while respecting the ergonomics and use of passengers on board”.


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