The New Seawind 1260 Arrives in the USA and Makes a Fast Start

The first new Seawind 1260 to arrive in the USA enjoyed a warm reception a this year’s Miami Boat Show which concluded last week.  And after making her debut at the show, SAIL Magazine was on hand to test the boat in the days followings.  Here’s a report on the launch and some words form SAIL…

The new 1260 attracted a lot of attention, and she made a fast start – Seawind had already sold one on day 1 of the show.  In comparison to previous Seawinds, this boat sports an all-new cockpit with comforts including a convertible day bed to dining area, as well as an integrated sink/fish prep area, and slick new integrated bbq.  The boat on display carried a bowsprit and screacher (code zero), making for an exciting test sail.

Seawind-1260-Offshore-Catamaran-Sailing-Miami-2018 (3)

Sailing the Seawind 1260 was a blast – with a steady 15 knots of wind to play with, we saw consistent boat speeds of 7-plus knots hard on the wind.  And we tacked through 90-degrees without even half trying.  I especially love how responsive the helm is on this boat.”

-Adam Cort, Executive Editor SAIL Magazine

But this boat remains an undisputed leader in offshore cruising.  Offering protection from the elements, characteristic twin helms, easy manageable sailing systems, and a smart and practical galley.  She’s lost nothing in cruising credentials compared to previous models.  This boat boasts a safety record that’s the envy of shipyards around the world.  A cruisers dream.

Learn more about the Seawind 1260 HERE>>

Seawind-1260-Offshore-Catamaran-Sailing-Miami-2018 (56)

The new Seawind 1260 Arrives in Miami, USA

Seawind-1260-Offshore-Catamaran-Sailing-Miami-2018 (34)


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