Seawind 1260 AO heading South to Los Angeles

We’ve just had an update from one of our recent Seawind 1260 owners Doug Gonda, as he sails his new 1260 south from Seattle. Here’s his story below: Hello Seawind people, Our Seawind 1260 AO is moving south down the US West Coast with my brother, Chris and Robin Mohr (*) onboard. We are now Read more about Seawind 1260 AO heading South to Los Angeles[…]

Multihulls World Magazine sails the Seawind 1260

“A FUTURE CLASSIC!” -MULTIHULLS WORLD, MAY 2020 Reputable magazine Multihulls World tests the Seawind 1260 and finds it fast, efficient and much more… Multihulls World came out for a sail in Sydney Harbour aboard a new Seawind 1260, and got a thrilling ride. The article goes into great technical detail, so we highly recommend a Read more about Multihulls World Magazine sails the Seawind 1260[…]


Seawind 1260 Test Sail 2020

The Seawind 1260 has now been fully tested by Nick and Terysa of Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose… and they were impressed.  Here’s what they said: “Amazing living area.  This 41-foot catamaran creates an even greater sense of space through clever design… like those doors.” And when the weather got worse:“Complete 360-degree visibility, and being outside, Read more about Seawind 1260 Test Sail 2020[…]

CZone Digital Switching (DC)

New Options from 2019

As new technologies develop, our customers are constantly coming across new and innovative products they would like to have installed on their new-build Seawinds. Where we can, Seawind assists its owners in the discovery, research and installation of these items, as we too like to future-proof our boats and the options we make available to Read more about New Options from 2019[…]


Sailing Sonder – Charter a Seawind

This is Jordan and Erin’s story of finding their dream boat through Charter ownership program – Charter a Seawind 1260.    The couple named their boat as sonder. sonder n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an Read more about Sailing Sonder – Charter a Seawind[…]


Sies al mar

Seawind 1260 “Sies al Mar” was launched in June this year & sailed from Vung Tau to Thailand by Bill Taylor & Richard Ward & Kerry Fahey. Bill then flew home to San Diego USA where he is a clinical medical professor doing neurosurgery. He had a couple of months work back home in San Read more about Sies al mar[…]


The “PASEO” story – an interview with new Seawind 1260 owners

Doug and Nan are new Seawind 1260 owners. Let’s learn what their considerations are and why they decide to purchase the “PASEO” – the Seawind 1260. Some upgrades considered are scuba compressor onboard, upsized generator capacity, upgraded solar panel capacity, etc. “We’ve spent 2 or 3 years looking for a boat that enables us to Read more about The “PASEO” story – an interview with new Seawind 1260 owners[…]

The New Seawind 1260 Arrives in the USA and Makes a Fast Start

The first new Seawind 1260 to arrive in the USA enjoyed a warm reception a this year’s Miami Boat Show which concluded last week.  And after making her debut at the show, SAIL Magazine was on hand to test the boat in the days followings.  Here’s a report on the launch and some words form SAIL… The Read more about The New Seawind 1260 Arrives in the USA and Makes a Fast Start[…]

Thanks for a stunning Annapolis Boat Show 2016

Thanks to everyone who visited us at the Annapolis Boat Show – and especially to the 7 soon-to-be new boat owners who chose to buy their boat from us!  Seawind Catamarans, and our sister company Corsair Marine have had a stunning week at the Annapolis Show.  Orders for 7 boats makes this one of the best Read more about Thanks for a stunning Annapolis Boat Show 2016[…]