CZone Digital Switching (DC)

New Options from 2019

As new technologies develop, our customers are constantly coming across new and innovative products they would like to have installed on their new-build Seawinds. Where we can, Seawind assists its owners in the discovery, research and installation of these items, as we too like to future-proof our boats and the options we make available to Read more about New Options from 2019[…]


Sydney Regatta

Arriving at the Multihull Central marina I was welcomed by the familiar faces of Sydney Seawind owners who had gathered for the last twilight race of the year. After catching up with friends at the dock I jumped on board Reflection an early Seawind 1250 and caught up with syndicate owner Chris. I was pleased Read more about Sydney Regatta[…]

Performance & Comfort, Perfect for Couples

Perfect for couples A number of 1190 Sport catamarans have now been sold into the United States. Many of the sailors stepping into new 1190 Sports are coming from a background of racing sports boats or small trimarans such as the Corsair 31. The time has come however, to look for a boat better suited Read more about Performance & Comfort, Perfect for Couples[…]