Sailing Sonder – Charter a Seawind

This is Jordan and Erin’s story of finding their dream boat through Charter ownership program – Charter a Seawind 1260.    The couple named their boat as sonder. sonder n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries and inherited craziness—an Read more about Sailing Sonder – Charter a Seawind[…]


A quick walkthrough of Seawind catamaran – 1160 Lite

This year, Seawind 1160 Lite was displayed at Miami Boat Show and received a lot of attention from professionals and journalists. If you were not able to come to the show, you could see the Seawind 1160 Lite through professionals’ point of view. The first video is presented by Antonio Vettese, who graduated as a Read more about A quick walkthrough of Seawind catamaran – 1160 Lite[…]

3 WAGS in a Row! (That is: Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing!)

Its a Seawind Dynasty at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron because Seawind have now won the annual series prize for the “WAGS Summer Super Series” 3 years on the bounce! In 2017 the prize went to David Fadden on the Seawind 1000XL Simple Pleasures. In 2018, it was Craig Margetts Scarlett, a Seawind 1160 deluxe who ran Read more about 3 WAGS in a Row! (That is: Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing!)[…]


Review Seawind 1600 from Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose

 Seawind 1600 is definitely your choice, if you want the performance of a monohull, the pointing ability of a monohull, but the living space of a catamaran. Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose reviewed About the channel Nick and Terysa share a huge passion for travelling and adventure. Terysa first started the blog simply as a journal Read more about Review Seawind 1600 from Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose[…]


Top 3 Restaurants in SANCTUARY COVE

When you come to see the Seawind 1600 Australian premier & the Seawind 1260 at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, you should not miss the chance to discover the delicious flavors of Sanctuary Cove and the nearby area. Sanctuary Cove is known for its stunning location with water views and numerous restaurants for visitors Read more about Top 3 Restaurants in SANCTUARY COVE[…]


Nowadays, event participation is not as essential as before in this booming era of social media and the Internet. Photos, videos, messaging, online customer support provide us with sufficient information to make decisions on various activities including shopping. However, for the marine market, boat show events still play an irreplaceable role for sailing lovers. No Read more about TWO APRIL SPRING BOAT SHOWS TO KICK OFF YOUR GREATEST SUMMER[…]

Turning a dream into reality – buying a bareboat

This story is originally shared by Cumberland Charter Yachts. ‘Pirate Pete’ is the proud new owner of the brand new Seawind 1260, that Cumberland Charter Yachts will be welcoming in to the fleet in August this year. We asked him what his background story was in buying the Seawind 1260 and why he chose to have Read more about Turning a dream into reality – buying a bareboat[…]


Catamaran Buying Tips: Time to Buy

Catamaran Buying Tips: Time to Buy LEAD TIMES. If you’ve gone to a boat show recently – and chances are you’ve been to a few, then you’ve no doubt heard that catamaran lead times are long.  That’s not just because “they’re hot”.  Catamarans are difficult, and expensive to build.  Building a 40-foot catamaran has all Read more about Catamaran Buying Tips: Time to Buy[…]


Here’s an excerpt of our recent article on boat handling for catamarans.  The original piece, in entirety, can be found in our 2018 Seawind Cruising Club Magazine.  Download a copy here. Of the numerous benefits of owning a catamaran, one which simply cannot be overlooked is the control advantages offered with a dual engine setup as found Read more about CRUISING TIPS: Docking[…]


Ongoing Quality Assurance (QA) Advancements

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products – and it’s a value shared by all Seawind personnel.  So at Seawind Catamarans we are constantly reviewing and enhancing our quality assurance (QA) procedures.  We find the best method for achieving the high quality standards we set for ourselves is by open collaboration and communication across Read more about Ongoing Quality Assurance (QA) Advancements[…]


Seawind 1260 Review by Cruising World

“With the full main hoisted and the self-tacking jib unfurled, we had no trouble pushing the speedo past 8 knots closehauled while the breeze was up. Later, with the wind down to about 14 knots, the speedo still hovered at a little better than 8 on a broad reach back toward the barn. Better than Read more about Seawind 1260 Review by Cruising World[…]