HOW TO START A DAY CHARTER BUSINESS: Part 1- preparing a profitable business plan

Perhaps you are eager to exit the 9 to 5 grind.  Maybe you’re looking for a lifestyle change – or just a change of pace.  Perhaps it’s an opportunity to be your own boss.

Whatever your reason for wanting to start your very own day charter business, we applaud you.  Who wouldn’t want to spend their days on the water, meeting friendly holidaymakers, making new friends and doing what makes you happy?  But what can appear at first to be a long off dream, we can make a reality – and sooner than you may think.

The 1160 Resort from Seawind Catamarans offers up to 43pax

The 1160 Resort from Seawind Catamarans carries up to 43 guests. Learn more about this successful charter model