Meet us at Dusseldorf 2017

Seawind 1600 Preview at Dusseldorf Boat Show January 2017

Seawind Catamarans & Corsair Marine International will have a record presence at the Dusseldorf Boat Show from January 21st to 29th.  3 boats from the Corsair range will be on display, but you can also meet our team to discuss the all-new Seawind 1600 which will make her debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival later in the year.[…]


Seawind 1600 #1 Delivery Report

When a slot opened up on the delivery trip of the new Seawind 1600 Northstar, I leapt at the opportunity.    The journey would take the 1600 south from Vietnam, across the South China Sea to Singapore, a good 600 nautical mile journey.  This would be a fantastic chance to give this impressive new design a[…]

The Seawind 1600 on Performance vs. Comfort

Performance Through Intelligent Design

Performance Through Intelligent Design Comfort and performance are a tradeoff discussed endlessly.  The 1600 strikes this balance through the use of advanced build technologies and continuous weight-saving efforts.  However, strategically placed carbon fibre reinforcements to the daggerboard case, bow and other areas not only make the 1600 stiff and fast, but also give her the[…]

2016-09-29 Seawind 1160-Resort Selected_ForWeb_ZEN_0573

HOW TO START A DAY CHARTER BUSINESS: Part 2 preparing the basics

You’ve decided to start your very own day charter business, and are already getting excited about making sailing your business.  We congratulate you!  Making the business a reality is not overly complicated – but it takes some planning.  The busy season will be here sooner than you may think… PREPARING THE BASICS


The new modular 1260 cockpit

A great feature introduced with the Seawind 1260 catamaran is the new innovative modular cockpit arrangement. Designed for on board customization and to allow users to set up the boat in a way that best suits the conditions and environment. Seawind is fond of maximizing space and providing unmatched practicality. Another feature carried over from[…]

The Seawind 1160 Resort KURU at her launch

The 1160 RESORT in Action and in Service

Through the new Seawind 1160 Resort, some exciting new businesses have opened – delivering their owners a great return on investment, but also the opportunity to work doing what they love.  Here we wanted to feature 2 businesses that receive rave reviews from guests, and deliver a sustainable and growing business model – indeed some[…]